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Training and Group Interventions, Consultation and Supervision


We provide specialist training packages and workshops on a wide range of topics, relating to children’s mental health. All of our training packages and workshops are delivered by a Specialist Clinical Psychologist, and based on widely supported research, evidence and theory.

We have training packages and one-off workshops for Parents, Young People, schools, foster parents, and all other professional groups working with children and families.

Our Training Packages can be designed specifically based on the needs of your school or organisation and on request can be designed following a training needs analysis.

Workshops Currently Running:

Understanding Your Child's Brain to Manage their Behaviour

Tuesday 5th December 2017


Tuesday 6th March 2018

6:30pm – 8pm


Understanding and Helping Teens Manage Anxiety

Tuesday 28th Nov 2017


Tuesday 8th May 2018

6:30pm – 8pm


Helping Professionals Understand Anxiety and how to help, when working with Children with Complex Needs

Tuesday 12th December2017

Tuesday 19th June 2018

4:30pm – 6pm


Understanding and Helping Young Children Manage Worry & Anxiety

FREE: Helping Young People Understand the Importance and Impact of Attachment & Trauma



Helping Professionals Understand Attachment & Developmental Trauma; the Impact on the Brain & Functioning

Thursday 15th March 2018

Group Interventions and Workshops

Self-Soothe Group

‘Self-Soothe’ is for parents and carers of children age under 13 years, who have a history of developmental trauma and consequently struggle with relationships and emotional regulation.  The ‘Self Soothe’ program is based on principles taken from attachment theory, neuropsychology, systemic psychotherapy and spirituality (Smith, 2004). The training provides a framework to understanding the behaviour of children, whilst providing and practicing techniques and skills to deal stress children with trauma may bring.

Next Course due to start in May

Theraplay Directed Group for Young People

6 week group intervention for young people over 11 years of age, who have a history of developmental trauma and consequently struggle with difficulties in attachment relationships and emotional regulation.

This group uses non-verbal, playful activities to help a young person develop positive social interactions, experience nurture, and engage in activities to enhance their feelings of self-worth.

Next Group due to start in June

Take Control Course

This group is ideal to run in schools and colleges. It is run over six one-hour sessions. The course introduces common principles that can help people to become ‘unstuck’. Research shows that it is feeling out  of control can lead to a host of difficulties, such as anxiety, anger, OCD, eating disorders, self-harm and depression to name but a few.

This course helps children and adults reclaim a sense control of their lives and therefore improve their mental health. The principles and techniques learned on the course apply to a wide variety of mental health difficulties, whatever their origin. The course helps adults and children alike understand identify their goals, solve problems, be mindful and feel more in control of their lives. The course has been evaluated in an adult primary care service where its outcomes were comparable with face-to-face psychological interventions.

Nurture-Psychology have worked with young people to adapt the course and they have creatively helped us make the course ‘youth friendly’. We run this course for adults and children over 11 years old. Please contact us if you would like more details.

Workshops for Parents and Young Children

We run a range of 1 hour workshops for parents and young people, in line with our aim to promote resilience, prevention and early intervention. We run theses group workshops on the most common mental health and behaviour concerns within the local community.

Using the most up to date evidence  (NICE Guidelines), theory and expert knowledge we will provide parents, carers and others working with children, with the knowledge and strategies to empower them to make a positive difference to a child’s well-being and or behaviour.

Typical Workshops include:

Anxiety in pre-school and school age children

Building emotional resilience whist managing the behaviour of toddlers.

Bullying-  from a shame perspective,why it happens and how to help young people.

Helping teens manage anxiety

Therapeutic parenting

Understanding the brain and why it gets Angry.

Understanding self-harm of young people

All of our workshops are delivered by a Specialist Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Therefore, workshops can be designed on a bespoke topic, so please contact us if you would like to see us offering a workshop not mentioned above or would like us design a workshop for you and a group of friends, colleagues or staff

We also offer packages of consultation and supervision to other professionals groups that are tailored to the needs of your service and based on an initial service audit that we will perform. Please contact us if you would like more information about these tailored packages.

Please get in touch if you or your school / organisation is looking for training on a particular topic and we can discuss whether we could provide this. Should there be a topic that you would like us to develop a training package on please contact us: office@nurture-psychology.co.uk, or phone on: 01706534511 or 07715 218975

We would encourage you to contact us, if you have any questions.

Telephone 01706 534 511 or 07715 218975

Alternatively, click on the links below to read more about how Nurture can help you and your child.

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